• Seasoned software executive specializing in start-up businesses

  • Expert mobile app developer, product manager

  • Columbia Business School & UC Berkley

  • 20 yrs in Global High Tech sales, marketing, and services – (11 yrs at Microsoft) - spanning industries in enterprise, mid-market, and small business

  • National sales organization design & professional development programs

  • Direct & channel sales & program development/implementation

  • Strong technical background in systems design, development, & implementation

  • B.S. - Information Systems, International Business from Oregon State University

Abdi Nassib, Principal Architect

  • 30+ years in High Tech - startups & Fortune 500 corporations

  • 23 yrs at Intel - Platform Steering Leader (Design to Release), Product Designer, Manager - Offshore Development, Advisor - IP, Licensing, Contracts

  • Expert at Engineering Management, Software Development & Application Systems Architecture, Network and Communication Systems Architecture, Embedded Applications, Voice-enabled Applications and Graphical User Interfaces, and OEM / ISV relationship management

  • Founder & Partner at {ui}foundry (since 2008)

  • Roles include product strategy, visual design, front-end development, and more for Fortune 500 enterprises & seed stage start-ups alike

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Empowering consumers to Tap-In to their surroundings & engage with their favorite businesses via a single intuitive mobile app. 
Empowering locally owned businesses to quickly Tap-In to the power of mobile to drive deeper customer engagement, build a resilient business model, and remain relevant in an increasingly digital world.

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