Mobilize Your Life

You only need ONE APP to Tap-In to the businesses around you!

SIMPLIFY - Your Digital Life


One easy-to-use app keeps track of your favorite businesses, and helps you discover those around you.  Browse products and services, make purchases, interact with business owners and patrons, access special offers, rewards, and perks, and more with just a few taps!

Coming Soon!

SHOPPING CENTERS - Tap-In to the best deals!


Store directory, interactive map, promotions, rewards, events, and more at your fingertips.

Don't wait in line, Tap-In!

For ultimate convenience at your office. Order and pay with the app; lunches are delivered reliably.  

- Rewards points built-in = no more punch cards!  - Corporate management tools help you easily coordinate group orders and control expenses

EVENTS & CONFERENCES - Modernize your event with Concessions + Convenience

Create a unique event experience free of frustrating lines! 

Mobile App ordering helps you maximize sales



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